timwood100Why popcornfarmer.com?

A few years back I was shocked to learn that my mom’s family owned a popcorn farm in Iowa. Sadly, I did not discover this until our family decided to sell the land. Clearly if I had known that popcorn farming was in my blood, I never would have gone into engineering and then to grad school in computer science. No, instead I would be out working the land, creating life with my bare hands.

Sadly, it was not to be, and now I spend more time working with kernels of the operating system variety than the organic. As I continue on in my graduate studies I try to keep just a bit of that that long, popcorn farming heritage* with me.

*Alright, maybe it’s not a long heritage, but we did own** a popcorn farm.

**Okay, okay, maybe we didn’t actually own the popcorn farm, but my great grandparents did own land which was briefly rented to someone else who owned a popcorn farm.