We have now completed our move from Massachusetts to Maryland. There are still boxes to be unpacked, but we have a generally livable house and are slowly figuring out our way around the area.

Can you guess which of these is MA and which is MD?


Exhibit A


Exhibit B

I’ll give you a hint: our new house has two malls and at least four large shopping centers within 15 minutes of us.  Our old house had one small shopping center and the mall was a thirty minute drive. On the plus side, we have already found some good restaurants nearby and have both a Trader Joe’s and a farm stand with fresh produce quite close. We also have bike trails close to our house, although we haven’t explored them yet. I think we’ll get used to it in time!

(The pictures above may be a slightly biased comparison. There are in fact some nice green areas nearby and it is not all shopping centers!)