Winter Cabining

Last weekend eight of us went camping at the Nunnemacher cabin in New Hampshire, run by the Dartmouth Outdoors Club. The cabin is nestled between some of the ski trails of the Dartmouth Ski Way. We spent two nights with no electricity or running water, and nothing but a drafty, ice cold privy. It was great. Continue reading

Mount Toby Hike

Today Megan and I took a hike up Mount Toby just north of Amherst in Leverett. I had read that the hike starts near a waterfall, but the stream was all dried up when we went, so the Roaring Falls trail had a pretty weak roar. The very start of the hike quickly climbs up along some steep cliffs where you need to watch your step. After that, it levels off and follows an old fire road along the creek to the top of the mountain. The leaves are only beginning to change now, but it was a very pretty hike. Continue reading