Christmas 2009 Part 1 – Nelson County VA

This Christmas Megan and I went down to Virginia to visit both of our families. We first stopped at my dad’s (relatively) new house in the boonies (AKA Nelson County). Nic and Alison met us there the first night and we had a delicious dinner.  We had a few gifts to exchange and stuffed ourselves with cheese and cookies.

Later in our trip we returned to Nelson County (for more gluttony) and witnessed a spectacular sunset. There are always nice views from their front yard, but the wide glowing sunset really showed off the mountains!

When we first arrived, there was far more snow in “tropical” Virginia than in Massachusetts!

We also took a ride up into the hills around their house so we could see what real farm country is like.

Thanks to Monika for the extra pictures!

One thought on “Christmas 2009 Part 1 – Nelson County VA

  1. So glad you enjoyed your time in Nelson County. It is indeed a special place. Come back and visit soon.

    Maureen Kelley, Director of Economic Development and Tourism

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